Program Information

Program Benefits

Program benefits available at the receiving (host) institution are based on the benefits offered to the employees at the host institution. In most cases the benefit includes full- tuition for undergraduate courses. The current CCCTE Directory is the official statement of the specific benefit offered by each institution. In most cases an application for financial aid must be submitted.



Each institution determines who among its employees is eligible to apply for tuition remission at another member college. All dependents must be accepted to the college or university of choice before applying for the benefit. Acceptance at the school does not guarantee availability of the benefit.


Institutional Responsibilities

Membership is limited to regionally accredited colleges or universities listed in the current Official Catholic College Directory published by P.J. Kenedy and Sons, New York. The institution must offer tuition benefits to its own employees. Institutions must pay the annual membership fee. The president of each participating institution will appoint a liaison officer to serve as a local coordinator. That person will inform faculty and staff of the benefit, carry out the certification process for students, submit application fees to the CCCTE treasurer, report annually on the institution's participation activity, and attend the annual CCCTE meeting. The institution will determine the benefit. The benefit available may be the lesser of the benefit from either the sending school or the host school. Any limitations should be stated in the benefit description submitted to CCCTE annually. No participating institution may import more than five (5) students per academic year over the number of students it exports to other institutions. There will be no limit on the number of students it exports in a given academic year.